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We focus on preserving capital through diversification by monitoring your portfolio, to maximise the returns for your chosen level of risk.

Our experienced wealth managers find the suitable strategy amongst our five concepts to optimize your returns.
Our strategies are focused on capital preservation and diversification. We rebalance our portfolios to protect them from bear markets.
We select the best ETF for our concepts. These products are flexible, transparent and inexpensive for investors.
Our questionnaire will place you appropriately depending on your profile. Are you a risk lover or risk averse?
Forget complex market comments and guru opinions. We provide you with clear reports for your real needs.
Low fees for an excellent service: We use cutting-edge technology to reduce costs to the lowest possible point.

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Our fees are completely transparent. They include an active management fee of 0.36% per annum (0.30% plus VAT), administration and custody fee of 0.12% per annum (with a monthly minimum of 5 EUR or account currency equivalent), an average underlying ETF charge of 0.25% per annum, estimated trading costs of buying & selling ETFs of 0.10% per annum (or a minimum of £8 GBP), estimated transaction costs in the ETFs of 0.12% per annum. The total cost of investing amounts to 0.95% per annum as shown above. We don’t charge performance fees, adviser charges or initial charges.

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