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Three, two, one… Liftoff! Today is launch day for Gear Investments, a new UK-based digital discretionary wealth manager.

Gear Investments is a recent company founded by a group of people with a long experience in technological solutions to make finances easier for everyone. This is our goal: our customers will find an easy way to improve the performance of their investments, because financial services do not have to be only for wealthy people. Our team is composed by expert investment analysts and wealth managers that deliver ETF-based strategies focused on capital preservation and diversification. Our portfolios are more than a simple asset allocation: they are concepts that fit different risk profiles in a simple, transparent and cost-effective manner.

Gear Investments has already the authorisation and regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority of Great Britain to operate. We want to be the leading digital investment manager in the UK. Feel safe with us: we have developed a system to appropriate profile you as investor. We believe that Gear has a significant advantage as our technology enables our clients to capitalise on the markets where risk is rewarded, and limits their exposure during more volatile times.

In Gear Investments, the best of humans and technology find a common place to help you reach your dreams.

We are almost ready. While we add the “finishing touches” to our platform, you may register as a virtual customer to learn the system that we have created for your financial goals. We will contact you once we are “up and running”. We are sure that your experience will be so positive, that you will join us as a full customer soon. Enter now and discover us!

Welcome to the investment experience. Welcome to Gear Investments.

Gear Investments
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