How It Works?

This is how Gear Investments works.


We ask you some questions about your goals, your financial situation and your attitude towards risk.

An important part of the investment process is to establish your attitude towards risk. We have designed a simple questionnaire for you to complete, this helps ​us​ to choose the right investment strategy for your money.

You can make an initial investment, regular monthly contributions, or both. Initial investment amounts need to be at least £10,000 and regular monthly contributions need to be at least £50. There is no minimum term you need to invest your money for, in fact, you can withdraw your money at any time, but you should only invest money you can afford to leave untouched for at least 5 years.


We design your portfolio using a mixture of assets

Experience has taught us that portfolio construction is about structuring your portfolio in a way that stands the best chance of meeting your investment goals.

We use active management as we believe that passive management involves more risk. We have an experienced investment team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge of investment strategy, portfolio construction, and asset allocation all of which provide the potential for outperformance.


Our investment policy involves a comprehensive range of high-quality products

We use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) because they are low-cost, easy to understand and liquid. We have created five model portfolios based on your individual risk profile. These model portfolios include various asset classes such as money market, fixed interest, equities and commodities.

We do not take any commission on the trades we make, and only trade when we think it will improve the performance of your investments.


When we create your investment portfolio, the asset allocation will determine the level of risk you are taking.

Over time, the value of the assets within your investment portfolio will move up and down. We regularly monitor and rebalance your portfolio by moving money from one asset class to another, this ensures that your original asset allocation is maintained.


Set up your investment and then track its progress 24/7.

Our innovative online platform offers you 24-hour access with information on your portfolio, the individual holdings and the transactions undertaken. For those of you who are interested, there are also graphs, financial ratios, and a jargon buster.

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