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Price Man

Investment Management

Account Management

All trading costs

Regular rebalancing

Access to your account 24/7

Regular performance reports

You will not have to pay anything or anyone else for these services:

  • Commissions£0
  • Setup or Exit fees£0
  • Performance fees£0
  • Withdrawal/Deposit fees£0
  • Platform fees£0
  • Account service fees£0
  • Customer support fees£0
  • Rebalancing fees£0

The fee is based on the overall value of your portfolio and pays for the charges we incur while investing and managing your money. Our fee includes active management, regular rebalancing and administration charges. In addition to our fee of 0.58% per year, a custody fee of 0.12% per year is charged on accounts, with a minimum monthly fee of EUR 5 (or account currency equivalent). Fees are calculated daily, but debited on a monthly basis. There are also some underlying fund charges, these average 0.25% per year and are taken directly by the different ETF providers, so you won’t see it come out of your account. Total fees amount to 0.95% as shown above.

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